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БЕСПЛАТНО Ganja 2.0.4

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About Ganja​

This plugin allows players to gather weed from hemp plants and craft joints using a mixing table. There are different types of weed where each type can be found in a different biome. Joints can be crafted at a mixing table and will give the player configurable buffs and healing with each tier having different effects.

  • Fully customizable
  • Different types of weed
  • Configurable effects for each type
  • Custom crafting UI integrates in the mixing table UI
  • Configurable recipes for mixing table
  • Yield amount and chance configurable for each type
  • Ideal for Roleplay Servers

New in v2.0.0: Fully configurable crafting:
With Version 2.0.0 the crafting system has been integrated in the mixing table. Joints can now be crafted by using the right ingredients in the right slot. The crafting recipes are fully configurable. New recipes can also be added.


New in v1.0.8: Loot Table integration:

This plugin now supports the custom item api of Loot Table and Stack Size GUI, so you can easily add weed to the loot table. When both plugins are installed on the server, the weed items will show up in the custom items tab of Loottable (right image):

Different tiers:

Depending on the biome, you will receive different tiers of weed, the biomes can also be changed in the config. By default, tier2 weed can be gathered in the snow biome, tier1 in the desert and tier0 everywhere else.

Names, droprates, and boosts can also be configured individually for each tier.


With a joint selected in the hot bar:

  • Right click to ignite / extinguish a joint
  • When joint is bruning: left click to use a joint


Permissions can be disabled in the config, making gathering and crafting accessible to everyone regardless of permissions.

ganja.craft - Required to craft joints
ganja.gather - Required to obtain weed

Biome masks:

The biome mask is a simple 4-bit number that determines where a certain tier of weed can be found. Each biome has its own number; add these numbers together to select multiple biomes. The numbers for each biome are as follows:

1 - Arid
2 - Temperate
4 - Tundra
8 - Arctic
For example: Low Quality Weed has the biome mask 6 by default (see configuration below). That means it can be found in the Temperate and the Tundra biome.
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